Ropers is a time between childhood and adulthood,

this is a look at the life of the middle to late 70’s teens and their life

as Pre-Cowboys, or – Ropers!

Urban Cowboy” to” 8 Second Ride” days are alive and well, from Bull Riding to Calf Roping; Rodeo times are running wild. Ropers takes us back to a time where 70’s teens are trying to find themselves; think of “Porky’s” or “American Graffiti”.  A feel good movie where we find a remembrance of our lives as teenagers and the Cowboy Craze!

Based on the history of one Griffer, what is a griffer – anything you want it to be!

We go on a journey from finding out about Sex, drinking, dipping snuff and chasing bulls in a rodeo arena to putting ones life on the line and finding out that we are really OK, no matter what others might say.


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